Website Policies

In every aspect of our business, we do not sell any swords, knives, or other sharp implements to anyone who is under the age of 18. When we sell Video Games, we sell them according to the legal age requirements, which are based on the games' ESRB ratings. This is a family oriented business and family friendly site.


Please read the following website policies, which pertain to our members area, profiles, blogs, and every other section of this website:


First time offenders of these policies, will be banned from our blogs area, members area, and comments areas.


No Members, Visitors, etc., are allowed to post any language, which is obscene, offensive, or vulgar. No Members, Visitors, etc., are allowed to post web links to this site, for advertising or for any other reason.


No Members, Visitors, etc., are allowed to send spam (Large amounts of e-mails) to our company e-mail boxes or our Members' e-mail boxes.


No Members, Visitors, etc., are allowed to post any materials, which are indecent or pornographic, anywhere on this site.


No Members, Visitors, etc., are allowed to post any alcohol or tobacco reference of any kind on this site.


This Paragraph Pertains to the Images, Namebrands, Trademarks, Copyrighted Images and all other things of these natures, which we post to our site: All Trademarks, Copyrighted Materials, Patents, etc., which belong to other companies and namebrands are the soul property of their respective owners, and we respect that and we would never, in any way, seek to claim ownership of them.

No one is allowed to copy, in part or in whole, any of the content of this website, without the written permission of the Andy's Sharp Deals Team. All of the original content, which the Andy's Sharp Deals Team has created for this website, is Copyright 2014-2017 Andy's Sharp Deals and is also copyrighted to our family members.


All of these website policies pertain to all of the websites, which are associated with Andy's Sharp Deals, including but not limited to, all of our Social Media outlets, such as our Facebook page, Twitter page, and YouTube Channel.


These policies can be amended and changed by Andy's Sharp Deals, at any time.

By visting this site or any other Andy's Sharp Deals site, you are automatically agreeing to every part of these policies.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




The Andy's Sharp Deals Team