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Come & See Us At Our New Location!

Come and see us at our New Storefront Location! We're now at 632

5th Street in Struthers, Ohio! We're temporarily open by appointment only, and store hours will be posted in the future! Please call (330) 398-7531 to set an appointment!

We still give you a Freebie when you buy Select Special Fixed Blade Items!

 Just look for our Camouflage Sign! Parking is in the Back, and the Enterance is in the Front!


These are Some of the Products, which are Available for Special Order

Anime Swords

Licensed Movie Replicas

Competition Grade Katanaas

Student Grade Katanas

Helmets of the Ages

Suits of Armor

Armor Sections

Medieval Swords



Ka-Bar Knives

Cold Steel Stuff

Welcome to our Special Order Section!


     We offer specials orders for practically anything Knife, Sword, Armour, Self Defense, & Martial Arts! Here is an example of some of what we can special order for you:

     Full Tang Battle Ready Katanas, Wakisashi, and Tanto Blades. Full Tang Battle Ready Scottish Claymores, English Long Swords, Rapiers, etc.  Full Suits of Medieval Armor, Viking Shields, Shields from Medieval England, Gauntlets, Bamboo Shinai, Solid Wood Practice Bokkens, Cold Steel Products, Ka-Bar Products, and Helmets from various historical ages (Materials range from Mild Steel to 18 Guage Carbon Steel). Wall Hangers of all kinds, Mini Swords, Licensed Movie Swords & Knives, SOG Products, Boker Products, Buck Products, United Cutlery Products, & a lot more! 


     Want to special order something! Contact us now at (330) 398-7531 or E-Mail us at