All About Andy's Sharp Deals!


    We are a totally fun, funny, and energetic family, whcih loves to collect and sell sharp and shiny Knives and Swords! We also love to sell cute and cuddly Plush Animals, Toys of all kinds, Family Oriented Games, Video Games, and Household Items.


     We started our business on a July 4th weekend, at Four Seasons Flea Market, and we have been growing ever since.

     Now we are at our New Brick and Mortar location, at 632 5th Street, Struthers, OH 44471!

     Please call (330) 398-7531, to ask questions about products and schedule an appointment for special orders.

   Our cutlery section is big! We carry display swords and full tang high carbon steel katanas. We carry Products by Frost, MTech, TacForce, Case, Old Hickory, Ka-Bar, Ontario Knives, United, Kissing Crane, MeyerCo, and many others. We carry Bowie Knives, Skinner Knives, Pocket Knives, Fillet Knives, Knife Sharpeners, and a lot more!

     In our Toy section we carry Plush Animals, Parachute Ninja, and other cool toys, which children love!